The “Brussels Center for Journalism Studies” is a young research center based at the beating heart of Brussels (KU Leuven Campus Brussels). The center is specialized in journalism research and studies as well news production, news content, as news reception in a global perspective.

Within the BCJS, a strong focus is put on regional studies (news production processes and news reports in Asia (for instance China, India, Burma, Pakistan, Taiwan), Russia and Eastern-Europe, Western journalism and international comparative studies.

News content analyses of the BCJS explore the attention for specific topics in the news (international news flows, crime reporting, war reporting throughout time, women in the news, politics, economics, sports, cultural values, news diversity etc.) and the precise wording used in online, print and audiovisual news outlets.

Also the impact of digitization, media convergence, new media and economic changes on the working conditions of journalism professionals is being studied by the staff of the center.

An equal important research strand focusses on the effects of news reporting on the general audience and on specific subgroups within this audience as well (for instance children and adolescents) and the news user as receiver and actor in communication models.

The Brussels Center for Journalism Studies has methodological expertise in:

  • large scale surveys (online, paper-and-pencil, face-to-face interviews)
  • content analysis
  • discourse analysis
  • ethnographic field studies in journalism
  • qualitative research methods (in-depth interviews, life history interviewing, focus groups etc.)
  • innovative research designs (usability testing, think-aloud protocols etc.)

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